It started with a feeling in my hands. A subtile feeling and the idea that I could heal people with my hands…

Healing - no concept

Some of my colleagues reacted like “are you gonna to act like you’re Jezus?” or “are you a witch?” or “do you have them all on a row up there?” after telling them that I would go and follow some courses in healing and hands-on-healing (i worked as a lab technician in a quality assurance lab on medicines). On the other hand there was a colleague answering me: follow your heart, you will find what you are looking for, you will come home! And so I went, based on a subtile feeling in my hands and together with that the idea that with my hands I could heal people, I started first a workshop Quantum Touch®, then Reconnective Healing®, then Éénheidsheling… I subconsciously was looking for some models or healingmethods at which as little as possible techniques or symbols or rituals were needed.

“A whole world opened up for me! A world of subtle but powerful, invisible possibilities to heal”.

I went into depth, I followed some courses till teacher or even therapist level…to realize a while later that: I didn’t come home, I didn’t find the method or healingmodel that I could stick to for the rest of my life, which I could help spreading over the world… .

I learned so much. What a richness I came into. But there was that feeling of wanting to go beyond the methods I had learned, to let go the techniques or protocols I had learned. Free myself of dogma’s, obliged rituals or concepts, to many do’s and dont’s  and go back to my roots. My hands, the subtle feeling and the idea of being able to heal people with my hands or even without my hands, just by consciousness. Like an artist who transcends techniques to come to real expression of art.

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