Healing free from weird rituals, expensive inaugurations.

Healing – No Concept

Often the problem with healing and selfhealing is that we have to cling on to some weird methods or habits from far away cultures, or concepts at which to much importance is given. Letting you in with these leaves the people near you in ambiguity about what you’re in to; is it something where they should be suspicious about?

I believe all people in pain or sickness or emotional despair want to find the right treatment and thanks god there is science and the classic medicines (although we have to be aware of overconsumption here).
But also we want to have access to a subtle healing method that does not stand out of our daily lives but can be fully integrated. With no concept healing you can free yourself of the do’s and dont’s of healing that doesn’t vibrate with you. You can here and now start your healing process on just a few well trusted day to day principles.
You don’t have to become the best in meditation, inaugurations, shamanism or some other ‘best method’ healing module. Mostly it’s far to expensive when you suffer in pain and disease, in depression, your needs are to let healing in here right now.

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