No need anymore for religion or clinging onto one or another God’s belief … .

No need anymore for religion or clinging onto one or another God’s belief.

The divine is inside of you, inside of us, inside of everything.

The divine is part of you, part of us, part of everything.

It is always accessible!

Yesterday I read in a newspaper article where a public figure was being interviewed on behalf his religious belief en how he thinks about it and how he thinks others should know or behave in the light of believing in a God or not believing in a God. And the religion or rituals that go together with the religious group where you or they are part of.

He finds that “everyone should stick to the rules of his or her religion and has to know where he or she belongs to. And regardless what religion you belong to, you should know what the rules are and live in that right way.”

For the ones who don’t belief in any god or do not follow any religion he says: “actually than you are not bonded to anything. Than it’s like you live without any rules or obligations, without a frame, without restrictions. What is than the meaning of life?” he asks.


“If you don’t have any obligations? What do you do here than? You should live as a human being, not as an animal without any obligations… .”

It’s still ongoing that influcencers, some public figures still learn us that without religion to cling onto we wil be desperate, not knowing how to live our lives not having a clue about what’s right or wrong?

The problem here is again, like history has shown us multiple times, that as we find ourself back in a group of a certain religion/religious people, it happens that we start questioning the other group of ‘different’ religious people and because of that not being able any longer to come together as a ‘whole’.

the forming of different-religions-groups is not the problem ‘an sich’ but often when time passes the differences create separateness, in finding the one way of living better than the other, often people in the groups just living lives like this or that not because of that they find it the best for themselves and the others, but because they have learned it as ‘the only way to live life correctly’. And then they start seeing the other group(s) as the ‘different’ other living next to them but not living his life right. Integration fails often because of these differences and the misconceptions about the other or the other group. Instead of embracing this other way of life … rather turning backs to what is different and how it can be looked at as equivalent or of the same value. Human kind becomes or stays divided …

When we go on not understanding our own nature contains the devine, than … .

We carry all in us the divine in a same ‘natural’ way, it is part of all of us, across all cultures, religions and god beliefs.

We find ourselves back as being all the same …

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