Inspirational booklet ‘the open secret’ by Tony Parsons

I just keep on looking for and reading some inspirational writings. One of the latest I read is “the open secret” by Tony Parsons. It’s a small tiny booklet in my case a hard covered one (and in Dutch version), size is only A6.

On certain moments the sentences are in to difficult wordings i guess for many people to catch tthe deeeper message, but a lot of his text is easier to grasp and really inspiring.

Hereby i put together the lines i marked as ‘inspirational’:

on p.36 he writes: “beautiful i find the story of god and the devil where they look at mankind discovering something gorgeous in the desert. Aha said god to the devil: now that mankind has found truth you have nothing to do. In opposite answered the devil: I go help him to organise it .


and also: on p. 45 …freedom is not on the one or the other place, because nature of freedom is precisely that it can not be excluded or be exclusive…the next spiritual kick is not to be found on the spot where we are going to but in the simplicity of our steps. In our hurry to find a better situation in time, we walk over the flower of being, which shows itself on every moment, without noticing it.

p. 49 The nature, people, birth and death, and all our struggles, our fears and our desires are contained in unconditional love and are a reflection of it.

p. 99 The infinite is not waiting somewhere, hidden behind a corner, until we’re worth it!

–> read more on his website


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