About the urgency and the need for healing.

On the basis of no concept healing, I want to address people wholeheartedly and fully about the urgency and the need for healing.
And about the urgency to learn to allow healing into our lives, into your life.

We have been brainwashed, kept stupid about being able to heal ourselves so little. We are kept dependent, in a psychotic way we are in a world of fear and decay.
And that is also correct, with no concept healing I do not want to avoid the struggles and pain, thé reality as it is. But there is more and there is really more, out of the big nothing you can allow more healing in. And what is that big nothing? That becomes manageable through your consciousness, through your emotions, through your inspiration, through the subtle energies, through your life energy, all those things that we cannot materially grasp but that determine our lives so much, we just don’t get it right yet.
Indeed there is a part psychology involved but rest assured; you can start healing based on a number of trusted daily principles.

Let it be clear once and for all that who you are now, wherever you are: it is more than enough to be able to heal, you don’t have to adhere to certain principles exclusively for healing, you don’t have to follow expensive courses, you don’t have to make long journeys to strange places, you don’t have to master rituals that don’t suit you at all, you don’t have to be extra spiritual or have delved into some kind of religious belief, you really don’t need to.

In the no concept healing booklet I describe (again) the basis, our basis for healing, our natural healing potential and how to activate it. No not by means of a strange protocol or (too) expensive initiations.
Life just as it is will give you that necessary inauguration!

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